Take our quiz: what kind of marketer are you?

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Microsoft releases emergency update to disable Intel’s faulty Spectre patch

News about the Meltdown and Spectre processor seems to be going from bad to worse, and over the weekend Microsoft had to release an emergency patch to disable patches for the Spectre bug.The Windows Update (KB4078130) in question is something…

Apple may release three Macs with custom co-processors in 2018, but which ones?

Apple is reportedly planning to release at least three new Mac laptops and desktops with its ‘T’ series of custom co-processors, according to a story in Bloomberg.Speaking with ‘a person familiar with the plan,’ Bloomberg…

5 killer stats to start your week

1. Ad viewability hits three-and-a-half year high The viewability of ads in the UK hit its highest level since the first quarter of 2014 in the final three months of 2017, jumping to 56%. The UK, which traditionally lags behind seven other…

​Cloud computing: Now as vital as power, transport and fresh water?

Security for digital infrastructure and cloud services in the spotlight thanks to new cyber security regulations.... Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK

Dutch spies tipped off NSA that Russia was hacking the Democrats, new reports claim

Netherlands intelligence penetrated Russia's US election hackers and alerted US counterparts, sources say.... Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK