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The UK porn block is now one month away, and it’s...

The controversial UK porn block comes into effect on July 15 2019. According to the government it’s going to save the...

Microsoft is selling Huawei laptops again – but that might not...

You may recall that Huawei laptops were removed from Microsoft’s online store in May, following the US government’s blacklisting of the...
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Conservative leadership candidate Boris Johnson has pledged to deliver full fibre connectivity to the entire of the UK by 2025 if he becomes Prime Minister.Writing in his column in The Telegraph, Johnson said it was...
The cheapest Xbox One bundle deals and sale prices in June 2019
Freshly discounted cheap Xbox One bundle deals have appeared this week and we've found some fantastic discounts. So if you've decided it's finally time to opt for a sweet Xbox One deal, then you're in...
Hasselblad X1D successor may have leaked ahead of announcement
Swedish medium format camera manufacturer Hasselblad is rumored to be readying a follow-up to its X1D camera, possibly dubbed the Hasselblad X1DX or X1D II.The company has been teasing a new camera for the last...

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Best Microsoft Office alternatives in 2019

Microsoft Office remains the most popular productivity suite for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more - but with IT departments needing to...

Cybersecurity: Why one old web scam is on the rise again

Fake domains and bogus websites are experiencing something of a revival - unfortunately.