November 2, 2016

Agile Infrastructure Monitoring for the Application Economy

To succeed in the application economy, IT needs to operate as a DevOps enabler. That means providing an agile infrastructure that speeds application rollouts…. Most Popular […]
October 31, 2016

Redefining Infrastructure Management for Todays Application Economy

This paper looks at the key challenges that keep IT organizations from optimizing their IT infrastructure and it outlines the critical approaches required to overcome these […]
May 19, 2016

The network is the application: Why APIs are agents of change

Sun Microsystems once described the network as the computer. Today, applications are beginning to offer the real network value ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News
May 7, 2016

CA – Redefining Infrastructure Management for Todays Application Economy

In the application economy, innovation can’t happen fast enough. However, without an optimized data centre running behind them, winning applications won’t get to market in time […]
July 30, 2015

Migrating to Cloud-Native Application Architectures

As software fuels new frameworks for developers, IT operators, and lines of business, cloud-native application architectures are helping organisations achieve the agility they need to stay […]
June 24, 2015

Breaking Down Silos of Protection: An Integrated Approach to Managing Application Security

An enterprise runs hundreds, if not thousands, of applications, many of which are vulnerable to attack. The necessary response is to replace point security products with […]
May 29, 2015

Here comes the future of application development: Treating infrastructure as code

It’s time to fundamentally rethink the way we build and deliver applications, for a world of clouds and containers. Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK
January 6, 2015

Requirements for an Application Release Automation Platform

This whitepaper discusses: The specific requirements of application release and deployment automation platforms in order for it to prove beneficial, effective, and offer a substantial return […]
November 25, 2014

Nearly half of all web application cyber attacks target retailers, study shows

Nearly half of all web application cyber attack campaigns target retail applications, shows a study from security firm Imperva ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News