June 3, 2017

Instant tethering is coming to Chrome OS to make it easier to get online

For those times when you're not near a Wi-Fi network, being able to tether to your phone's data connection can be very useful indeed – provided […]
February 5, 2017

Leaked Windows 10 Cloud shots show Microsoft taking on Chrome OS

Earlier this week we heard some strong speculation to the effect that Microsoft is prepping a cut-down, lightweight version of its desktop operating system called Windows […]
May 1, 2016

Irremovable bank data-stealing Android malware poses as Google Chrome update

Infostealing malware discovered by Zscaler terminates any installed anti-virus software to steal personal data – and the only way to get rid of it is to […]
December 5, 2015

18 Chrome hacks to get the most out of your browser

Introduction Chrome’s simplicity and easy-to-use interface has made it the browser of choice on many computers. But simple doesn’t mean limited. On the contrary, Chrome is […]
November 20, 2015

Can this browser for ‘discerning users’ make a dent in Chrome or Internet Explorer?

Ex-Opera chief Jon von Tetchzner thinks there is room for Vivaldi – a customisable browser – in a very crowded market. Latest stories for ZDNet related […]
June 6, 2015

Google Chrome will pause ‘non-essential’ Flash content to save your battery life

Google has teamed up with Adobe to make Chrome’s Flash handling a bit more battery friendly. Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK
January 1, 2015

Best free software of 2014: Google Chrome

Having built its entire business around the web, it seems only right that Google would offer the best browsing experience on Windows. It has been quietly […]
August 15, 2014

Google Chrome warns of deceptive software downloads

Google is to update its Chrome browser to warn users about deceptive software downloads ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News