February 7, 2017

US weighs email and cloud privacy law

US privacy advocates and tech firms push for updated email and cloud privacy legislation that has been approved by the House of Representatives, but still requires […]
November 14, 2016

How an NHS email testing mistake caused a messaging meltdown for 840,000 workers

This is what happens when you email 840,000 people at once – and they start hitting ‘reply all’…. Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK
October 13, 2016

Government to name and shame departments failing to secure email

The NCSC is piloting various cyber security intiatives with government departments such as Dmarc and other email security measures, and plans to name and shame those […]
April 6, 2016

Large global companies still manage supply chain with phone, fax and email

Digital supply chain management is still five years off for almost half of the west’s global firms ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News
December 18, 2015

Glasgow city email disruption continues after datacentre crash

Glasgow’s IT woes continue following a shutdown of its datacente on Tuesday ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News
August 19, 2015

Whos Snooping on Your Email?

This whitepaper helps you navigate today’s threats to email security. It explains the obstacles to compliance and shows you why you need a secure email gateway […]
June 25, 2015

Email overload is killing the UK’s economic productivity

Mounting evidence suggests email is a blight on the UK’s economic productivity – but services outsourcing firm Atos has found a way to stem the tide […]
June 8, 2015

‘It’s a 1970s protocol, we can do better’: The ex-Skypers on a mission to replace email

A team of ex-Skype engineers is trying to fill the gap between email and real-time messaging. Will they succeed? Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK
December 19, 2014

Accenture and BT to battle for NHS email contract

The NHS has shortlisted two suppliers for its email system, with BT and Accenture still in the mix ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News