'We were a community before the Pi': CEO Eben Upton on five years of Raspberry Pi

Eben Upton, founder and CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, is trying to illustrate how huge the Raspberry Pi phenomenon has become:  “In 2011 I had a spreadsheet that told me where every single Raspberry Pi prototype was (there…

Five suppliers get 51% of all UK government IT spending, says PAC

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report questions government progress on growing the volume of public-sector business it gives to SMEs ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

Top Five Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Two-factor Authentication Solution

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Data management: Five decades of prospecting for business value

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Five local authorities around the country agree shared services contract

Five councils in different parts of England have agreed to jointly sign outsourcing agreements, including IT services provision ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

Five key strategies for IoT success

Companies need to be agile because in some IoT systems, it will be a question of the winner taking it all, according to Kent Eriksson, IoT business consultant at PTC ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

Five Things you need to know about Migrating from Windows Server 2003

With Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 end of support, server migration is not a matter of it, it is a matter of when. The time to begin the process is now. Don't put your business at risk of a last minute fire-drill or any unnecessary downtime.…

Five Stages of a Web Malware Attack

Today’s web attacks are extremely sophisticated and multi-faceted, motivated by a massive underground economy that trades in compromised computers and user information. This whitepaper shows you how modern web attacks work, broken down into…

Five Simple Strategies for Securing APIs

APIs might represent increased risk for the enterprise, but the potential benefits they bring to an organisation can overshadow any inherent dangers. Read this eBook to understand the 3 attack vectors or watch with APIs, and 5 simple strategies…

IT spending grows at fastest rate in five years

Agile IT departments are emerging with the ability to flex their budgets quickly to meet new business demands ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

IFA 2014: The five most exciting computing launches from IFA 2014

Ticked off with the amount of attention smartwatches received during IFA 2014? Come in, step right this way and grab yourself a chair. You only had to cast an eye over the svelte and shiny Ultrabooks, monster desktop rigs and battery-sipping…

Five signs that Amazon is the new Microsoft

Amazon’s business strategy is reminiscent of Microsoft's in the 1990s despite changes in market dynamics since then ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News