Google unveils new Hangouts Meet videoconferencing kit and it’s not cheap

Google has unleashed a new hardware kit for Hangouts Meet which promises to deliver everything you need on the hardware front when it comes to holding high-quality video meetings via Google’s videoconferencing software – but it…

Microsoft denies it's killing its Surface products

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of devices, has vehemently denied that the company is planning to stop selling Surface devices in 2019.The very fact that a company has to deny rumors that it is killing off its flagship…

It’s official: Apple is working on new Mac Pro and iMacs

Apple hasn’t forgotten about desktop computers, and is working on the next-generation Mac Pro to arrive in 2018, with refreshed iMac all-in-ones also set to pitch up – and those will be on sale this year.As Mashable reports, all…

Apple promises it’s still serious about desktop PCs

If you thought that desktop computers had fallen by the wayside at Apple, then think again, because Tim Cook has spoken out regarding his firm’s plans to do more with PCs in the ‘pro’ market.In a Q&A at Apple’s…

Dell unveils the first 8K monitor and it’s mind blowing

Although there really isn’t any 8K content in the world, that isn’t stopping Dell from introducing the world’s first 8K monitor.Dell UltraSharp 32-inch Ultra HD 8K monitor comes with a tears of joy inducing 7,680 x 4,320…

Microsoft HoloLens, hands-on: What it's like to wear the future

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CIOs lack faith in IT’s ability to meet digital demands of business

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NRF Big Show 2016: Disney - It’s not just our customers who are changing, it’s our workforce

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Why it's time to prepare for a world where machines can do your job

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'It's a 1970s protocol, we can do better': The ex-Skypers on a mission to replace email

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NSA chief: Encryption isn't bad, it's the future

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​Want money for that new project? Then it's time to go on a moose hunt

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