Mac Pro 2018 release date, news and rumors

Apple’s Mac Pro has gone for several years without a considerable upgrade or update, but that changes this year. Finally, back in April 2017, Apple responded to the outcry for support of the Mac Pro in teasing that it is working on an…

MacBook Air 2018 release date, news and rumors

Time and again, it’s been said that the MacBook Air’s days are numbered. And, yet, here we are, speculating on the release of a MacBook Air 2018 release.That’s because, in spite of all the rumors and reports swirling around…

Facebook's News Feed changes: A look at the likely consequences

A major overhaul of what Facebook lets users see will mean big changes for brands that rely on the social media giant for promotion -- and also change how Facebook users view the world.... Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK