Lacoste replaces crocodile logo, Johnnie Walker introduces ‘Jane Walker’: International round-up

Lacoste replaces crocodile logo with endangered species Lacoste will do away with its iconic crocodile logo as part of a campaign to try and help save 10 of the world’s most endangered species. Partnering with the International Union…

Facebook faces fine in Belgium, YouTube promotes conspiracy videos: International round-up

Facebook threatened with hefty fines by Belgian court A Belgian court has ordered Facebook to stop tracking users, or risk being slapped with fines of up to €100m (£88m) or €250,000 (£221,285) a day. According to the…

Facebook’s data use ruled illegal, Pierce Brosnan under fire over India ad: International round-up

German court rules Facebook’s personal data use illegal A German court has ruled Facebook’s use of personal data and default privacy settings, such as its ‘real name’ policy, as ill... Marketing Week