​Ring Video Doorbell 2 review: A fun IoT device to boost your security

With live video and two-way audio, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is one of the most immediately useful IoT devices we've examined to date. It's fun too.... Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK

Here's the latest security bug your computer could be exposed by

A newly discovered firmware vulnerability could leave countless Windows and Mac computers at risk from a hack, according to security researchers from Duo Labs. The vulnerability could be used by malware to gain deep access to systems.The bug…

HP updates Z-class workstation portfolio, zeroes on security

 HP has announced a new line of desktop workstations designed to meet both the compute and security needs of today’s workforce as they tackle solutions using emerging technologies such as virtual reality and machine learning.The…

IBM’s new CPU makes security seamless thanks to powerful encryption

IBM has trumpeted what it’s calling a huge breakthrough in data encryption and the battle against cybercriminals, with a next-gen mainframe computer driven by a powerful CPU which is capable of encrypting all of a company’s data,…

A security company used a Raspberry Pi to hack a network

Kaspersky has made another disturbing finding, as security firms often do, and in this case it’s the fact that a corporate network can be cracked wide open using a basic hacking tool. Namely a piece of hardware that costs just $ 20 (£15)…

Mac malware slips past Apple’s security to prove a major threat

News has emerged of yet another malware threat to Apple’s computers, this time in the form of a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) crafted to target macOS – and it has a major security sting in its tail.The malware, which goes by the name…

Industrial control systems top threat to UK cyber security

Most organisations understand cyber security readiness, but lack response and resilience capabilities – especially regarding industrial control systems in the UK, says RSA cyber defence expert Azeem Aleem... ComputerWeekly: Latest IT Ne…

Security Think Tank: Integrity attacks tough, but not impossible to spot

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Security Think Tank: Data integrity breaches – the challenge facing banks

What type of organisation is likely to be targeted by data integrity breaches and how best can they detect and mitigate such attacks?... ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

Security firm agrees many others use fear to propel sales

High-Tech Bridge agrees with the UK National Cyber Security Centre that some security firms are using fear, uncertainty and doubt to promote sales of their products... ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

Trump’s cyber security executive order delayed

It is not yet clear when US president Donald Trump will sign an eagerly-awaited executive order on cyber security that was scheduled to take pace on 31 January 2017... ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

Best business antivirus of 2017: Our top paid security tools for SMBs

If you're looking to protect your company PCs from malware then you could just equip each one with your preferred free antivirus package. You'll get a reasonable level of protection, and it might well seem like you're keeping costs to a minimum.Of…