March 30, 2016

What is behind the slowdown in public-sector sales of ‘true cloud’ services via G-Cloud?

With sales of “true cloud” services via G-Cloud showing signs of slowing down, Computer Weekly asks the experts the reasons why ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News
February 19, 2016

Nokia expands professional services portfolio to help mobile operators embrace cloud

Services designed to prepare operators’ datacentres for running business processes in the cloud, and allow them to scale up their network capacity ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News
February 12, 2016

Five local authorities around the country agree shared services contract

Five councils in different parts of England have agreed to jointly sign outsourcing agreements, including IT services provision ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News
January 26, 2016

Aberdeen City Council embarks on shared services push with help from Brightsolid

Local authority claims datacentre migration project should pave way for further shared service initiatives and wider cloud use ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News
December 31, 2015

Inclusive Technology Prize showcases apps and services for the disabled

The government’s Inclusive Technology Prize is using innovative IT to address some of the day-to-day challenges faced by disabled people in Britain ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News
December 24, 2015

Top 10 financial services IT stories of 2015

The financial services industry is undergoing unprecedented change, driven by IT and regulation. ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News
November 11, 2015

Amazon Web Services adds UK region

New datacenter region will be Amazon’s third in the European Union after Frankfurt and Dublin. Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK
October 4, 2015

IT added to list of essential services to protect insolvent companies

Changes to legislation mean IT suppliers can no longer switch off services when a customer in financial trouble is unable to pay ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News
October 2, 2015

IT budgets 2016: Surveys, software and services

As 2016 approaches, surveys show IT budgets and headcounts remaining largely flat, leaving CIOs the problem of figuring out how to keep the business running while […]