Surface Pro LTE release date is still on track for 2017, Microsoft says

If you’re holding out for an LTE version of the new Surface Pro, don’t lose hope just yet. Microsoft has issued a statement correcting its own apparent mistake that spurred reports of a Spring 2018 release date for the Surface…

Mac mini still important to Apple, says Tim Cook

It’s been over three years since the Mac mini was last refreshed, leading some folks to wonder if Apple has forgotten about the compact computer, but apparently that isn’t the case, at least according to Tim Cook (and as Apple…

The new iMac is actually upgradeable, but still don’t try it at home

Just like clockwork, the folks doing the Lord’s work at iFixit have torn into the latest 21.5-inch iMac and have found that, shockingly, it can be upgraded without a trip to the Genius Bar.That said, it’s a laborious process that,…

9 reasons why MSN Messenger is still better than WhatsApp and Snapchat

When it comes to keeping in touch, we're now spoilt for choice. If we’re not absorbed in our WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chats, there’s always Twitter, Snapchat and Google Hangouts to keep us busy. And that’s just…

Apple promises it’s still serious about desktop PCs

If you thought that desktop computers had fallen by the wayside at Apple, then think again, because Tim Cook has spoken out regarding his firm’s plans to do more with PCs in the ‘pro’ market.In a Q&A at Apple’s…

MWC 2017: 4G still has plenty of mileage, say mobile analysts

5G is likely to be a hot topic at this year’s Mobile World Congress, which kicks off at the end of February, but operators should be paying more attention to getting more out of their 4G networks ... ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

Ofcom says 5% of UK properties still lack sufficient broadband access

Ofcom’s Connected Nations report highlights improvements in broadband speed and connectivity across the UK, as well as areas that are still ripe for improvement... ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

Future of Apple Pay Australia still unresolved

There are still uncertainties over Apple Pay among Australia’s big banks, but smaller finance firms are looking at ways to offer the payment service to their customers ... ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

Apple Watch still dominates the smartwatch market, but challenges lie ahead

Apple's Watch has taken an early lead but there's still plenty to do.... Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK

Yahoo security still poor despite massive breach, claims Venafi

Yahoo is likely to have been a victim of its own encryption and security is still poor despite the huge breach that hit the company in 2014, according to security firm Venafi ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

Public cloud uptake rises, but Europe still lags behind the US

Okta research finds the most popular cloud applications in all regions are mail, sales and marketing, social media and document storage ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News

One in four Windows PCs still running obsolete versions of Internet Explorer

Half of PCs running on Windows XP are still running IE 7 or IE 8 but it's not just antique PCs that are running the unsupported old browser. Latest stories for ZDNet related to UK