Microsoft’s sharper speech recognition tech should supercharge Cortana

Microsoft is making big efforts in the field of voice technology, and is boasting about having honed its speech recognition AI to an even greater extent, with a system that apparently now rivals the accuracy of multiple human transcribers.Nearly…

Corsair unveils two new concept PCs and a handful of new tech

Following the flurry of announcements that we saw from AMD, PC accessories maker Corsair announced a couple of decent concept PCs along with some new technologies. Known as the Concept Curve and Concept Slate, Corsair reimagines some of its…

VR haptic feedback hits a brick wall, thanks to new tech advancements

Another day, another potential VR advancement ready to make the virtual world a more immersive, lifelike experience.Today it’s the turn of haptic feedback, with a research team at Germany’s Hasso Plattner Institute looking to make…

Tell us about your computing habits and you could win tech gear worth more than £1,000

TechRadar Pro wants to find out more about the computing habits of our readers. So we’ve concocted this simple survey asking a couple of questions about your PC and smartphone (yes, the latter is a computer too, albeit a pocket-sized…

Dutch tech hub is facilitating the next Google

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FDM Everywoman in Tech: 2017 winners announced

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Gifts for Aussie tech lovers: The best gift ideas for Valentine’s Day 2017

It’s always hard shopping for that special someone in your life and cards, chocolates and flowers are a bit of a cliché these days. A much better way to spoil them is get them a great piece of tech to keep up with the digital times.The…

Back to school 2017: the best tech deals to fill the backpack

January is just about wrapping up – a month, some would agree, loathed by both parents and kids alike for the same reason: the new school year is about to start.These days it’s not enough to just get a shiny new calculator if you…

Razer’s Project Ariana PC projection tech is the next step in immersive gaming

Virtual reality isn’t the only way to experience immersive gaming – with Razer’s Project Ariana projector you could soon turn your whole room into a game, no headset required.Announced at CES 2017, Project Ariana is essentially…

Citrix: How the great survivor challenges the tech giants

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​Spymasters hunt for coding and tech apprentices to help combat hackers and cyber-attacks

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John Lewis chooses three retail tech startups to receive 2016 JLab funding

Department store retailer John Lewis selects three retail tech startups to receive their share of the £200,000 JLab funding pot ComputerWeekly: Latest IT News