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  • Updated: We’re here at PAX Prime 2014!

    PAX Prime 2014 show floor Finally, PAX Prime is upon us! The streets are crowded with costumed attendees and the non-costumed all milling towards the Seattle Convention Center and the various venues for the day’s panels. We arrived early yesterday and now we’re set to bring you all the hands ons and gaming news your […]

  • Updated: Windows 8.2 release date, news and rumors

    Update: It looks like Windows 8.2 may not even happen, with the company potentially jumping straight to Windows 9, as far as title updates are concerned. See the details below! With Windows 8.1, Microsoft addressed some of the problems that scuffed the original Windows 8 release, smoothing the cracks between desktop and touch UIs, improving […]

  • Updated: iPad Pro release date, news and rumors

    Release date, rumors and design Update: Apple may have just created a fast lane of sorts for a would-be iPad Pro device, thanks to IBM. More details below. With Apple’s thinner, lighter iPad Air and Retina display-equipped iPad mini out in the open, what’s left for Apple to do? Rumor has it that the Mac […]

  • Updated: Surface Pro 3 release date, news and features

    Introduction, release date and specs Microsoft is hoping that three is the magic number after unveiling the latest addition to its Surface family of devices: the Surface Pro 3. We’ve gone hands on with the tablet, which impresses thanks to its sharper screen, bigger dimensions and great stylus support. The company has gone all out […]

  • Updated: Top laptops: 25 best laptops in the US

    Choosing the best laptop for you Our continually updated list of all the best laptops available today. With Windows 8 around and the Windows 8.1 update, Ultrabooks taking off in popularity and laptop-tablet hybrids seeing more releases, choosing the right laptop is even more confusing than ever. Cheap laptops are more powerful and capable than […]